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  • AISI 1095 High Carbon Steel Plate

    1095 steel is high carbon steel , and it is popular in knife and sword blades. As with other steels, the first two digits represent the primary components in its composition.

Product Introduction

◆ Properties

Chemical properties:

AISI 1095 high carbon steel plate, where 1 stands for carbon and 0 stands for the absence of other central elements in its composition. The last two digits represent the carbon content, which is 0.95%. A carbon content of less than 1% makes 1095 a high carbon steel plate rather than a tool steel. Generally, tool steel has a carbon content of more than 1%. 1095 carbon steel plate contains mainly carbon and manganese.

In addition to carbon, the other element in 1095 steel is manganese, making it a basic steel. It has a high hardness and recommended wear resistance.AISI 1095 carbon steel plate is sometimes referred to as spring steel and is typically used for applications involving continuous stress.

AISI 1095
  • C: Increases the edge retention, hardness and tensile strength. It also improves steel resistance to wear, abrasion and corrosion.

  • Mn: Increases Hardness and brittleness.

  • P: Improves machinability and hardness.

  • S: Improves machinability.

Mechancal properties:

According to the Rockwell hardness scale, 1095 steel has a hardness of 55-58 HRC. However, the hardness of this steel varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, depending on the carbon used and the heat treatment process used. With this level of hardness, 1095 steel is classified as a hard steel (carbon steel) and therefore has good wear resistance and edge retention.

◆ Characteristic

1095 steel has managed to remain on the knife-making scene because it makes good blades for knives. The steel is easy to work on, in addition to good toughness, good edge retention, and ease of sharpening.


AISI 1095 high carbon steel plate is the most widely used 10 series steel. Its carbon content is 0.95%-1.03%. After heat treatment, AISI 1095 high-carbon steel plate can reach a hardness between HRC 57-60 and has very good toughness, but is not resistant to rust. For knives, 1095 is a very "standard" carbon steel, with good performance and low cost, with the right toughness and polish. It is mostly used in traditional European style hunting knives, large machetes and military knives.

Purchasing Information

Product name
AISI 1095 High Carbon Steel Plate




HIC, SSC, SPWHT, Macrostructure, detection of defects, Hardness and DWTT test and EN10204/3.3 certification are also available

Processing service

bending, welding, decoiling, cutting, punching

1 ton
Supply Ability

5000 tons / month

Lead Time

7-15 working days after the receipt of 30% deposit

Payment Terms

30%T/T Advance + 70% Balance

Price Terms



water proof paper + metal pallet + angle bar protection + steel belt or as required

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Q:Can you send samples?

A:Sample can be for free,freight cost collect.

Q:What product information do I need to provide?

A:Steel grade/thickness/width/quantity,these will decide the price.

Q:About product prices?

A:Prices vary from period to period due to cyclical changes in the price of raw materials.

Q:What are the certifications for your products?

A:We have ISO 9001,CE,SGS,BV and other certifications.

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A:Regularly the delivery time around 10-15 days,customized one will inform the delivery time ahead.

Q:Does the product have quality inspection before loading?

A:All the products are strictly tested before packaging,also can inspect by third party inspection.

Q:How to pack the products?

A:Standard export package with waterproof film and wooden pallet.It can effectively protect products from corrosion.

◆ Factory

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